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New Construction of a vacation villa in Cape Coral 2018 - Constructing a home described in pictures


New home in Cape Coral lot survey construction of Seawall


For the new home in Cape Coral you start with the survey of the lot and construction of the Seawall


Preparation of building site new construction


The construction of the Seawall is completed and preparations are made for the new construction, the dirt screen is put up


Floor plan of model for new home build


For the new home the customer chose the layout and floor plan of the model Royal Palm 2


construction drawings and blueprints cape coral florida


For the Cape Coral new construction the drawings and blueprints for the contract and building permits are being prepared


Color Selection and building permit


Now the color selection is coming up. After the contract has been signed and the building permit granted, the foundation is going in and the walls up. You can clearly see the steel reinforcements, which are connected in the solid walls all the way up to the tie beam to be a stable base. What you can not see is the foundation in which the steel reinforcements have their starting point.


Pool Shell and house pad


For the new building the pool shell is prepared and poured which also carries a lot of steel in it. At the same time there will be a first filling of dirt for the house Pad and the plumbing under the floor slab will be laid.


Walls up and tie beam


Now the walls are going up and the tie beam is added


Cape Coral homebuilder


The tie beam is installed by the Cape Coral homebuilder and through the steel reinforcements (rebar) all the way down into the foundation forms a solid shell of the house


Front elevation new home build


Roof and the studs for inside walls


We continue with the roof and the stud inside walls - the wooden studs are much stronger than the optional aluminum profiles


New Construction roof is ready


The roof is ready, as well as the walls inside


Windows and entrance door installed at new home


The windows and the entrance door are installed


new home in cape coral


On the new home in Cape Coral, the roofing felt is now installed


Homebuilder installs air conditioning and plumbing


Inside we continue with the installation of the air conditioning and plumbing. The Manabloc system shown here distributes the water in a star system - each water connection (hot and cold) is laid separately and can therefore be easily shut off


Culvert and pool pipes installed new home florida


In the driveway ​​the Culvert is laid (flood water pipe) and in the back pool pipes are installed - total length up to 1,500 ft!


Cape Coral new construction electrical system


In the house the electrical system is now installed


Pooldeck backfilled and graded at new construction


After laying the pool pipes, the pool deck area is backfilled and graded as well as is the front of the building. At the same time, the TAEXX anti-pest-system is installed, which is directly connected to very thin tubes running through the inside of the walls. Through the feeder outside the house the service company can refill the spray. Immediately thereafter, the "Bora Care" is done which you see green on the walls. An additional protection that prevents bugs from rising up. By the way, we're doing that in an environmentally friendly way, while other contractors prefer the cheaper alternative of treating the top layer of the property with pesticides.


Insulation at new home in Cape Coral


The installation of the insulation is in full swing


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