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New Construction of a vacation home in Cape Coral 2018 - part 3


Sliding doors installed at villa in Cape Coral


Of course all the sliding doors have been installed and adjusted shortly before the air conditioning system came in


 Fans and lamps installed


Fans and lamps for walls and ceilings will now be installed


Pavers in driveway installed


Outside a lot happened. The gutters were installed and the driveway was laid with pavers. Next is the walkway to the entrance and the walkway at the house side which leads to the pool so the front bedroom has direct access to the pool


Water heater installed in garage of new construction home


While in the garage the water heater starts working, the pavers are placed on the lanai and the pool deck


Installation of pavers at pool deck


The installation of the pavers is almost finished


New Construction of boat dock started


Now that all heavy site work is done in the back of the property, we have given the starting signal for the new construction of the boat dock. More information is available here


Captains walk and tiki hut is added to boat dock


Together with the boat dock there is a "Captains Walk" and seating area plus a Tiki hut installed


Granite installed on cabinet surfaces


The granite is placed on the cabinet surfaces and faucet holes drilled


Kitchen almost ready in new villa in Cape Coral


Now the kitchen of the new Cape Coral home is almost ready



Toilets and sinks are set at construction home


Also in the bathrooms the granite is installed as well as toilet and sinks. Faucets and the glass wall complete the master shower


Pool pebble and curbing is going in at villa cape coral


While in the planting areas the curbing is comleted, outside lights and downspouts are attached to the house wall. At the same time, the pool pebble is being shot into the pool shell and immediately after the water is filled in for the required pressure


Outside kitchen with sink, garnite surface and fridge


The finished boat dock and lift has a remote control for comfortable operation of the motors from the house or boat. The outside kitchen requested by the customer is installed with sink, granite surface and an opening for a refrigerator


Irrigation system and sod is installed at future vacation rental


Now that the electrician has completed all the remaining work inside, mirrors etc. go in. The sprinkler pipes for the irrigation system at the Cape Coral Villa are placed underground and then the sod is put down. The plants and the remaining landscaping is finished. Last step is the panoramic screen around the pool deck.


Pool pump and pool heater is added to home in Florida


Finally pool heater, pool filter, saltwater cell, automatic and the remote-controlled pool system as well as the timer for the sprinkler control of the lawn will be installed. This concludes the build and the house is being furnsihed and decorated and then turned over into the management and rental progam.

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