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Monthly cost to own and maintain a house in Cape Coral

Cost of maintaining and managing a home

Maintenance related costs are a major factor in the decision making process of a buyer no matter if it is used as the primary residence or a vaction home.

In case of a vacation home most buyers want to have it looked after by a professional property management company. Here you can find a list of  typical costs for a home / vacation rental (example of a home valued at $650,000):


  • Property Management: approx. $160 (this includes payment of invoices, weekly check of the property)*
  • Rentals: No direct cost as everything comes out of the rental income
  • Pool Service: approx. $90*
  • Lawn Service: approx. $85 (includes trimming of bushes)
  • Lawn fertilization: approx. $40*
  • Pest Control: approx. $40
  • Electricity: approx. $150 - $250 (this depends on the installed appliances and devices as well as vacany of the home)
  • Water: approx. $85 (2 person usage)
  • Phone, Internet, TV: approx. $180*
  • Flood Insurance: approx. $350 - $700 (depending on the flood zone where the home os located in)
  • Homeowner Insurance: approx. $1,700 - $3,000 (depending on the age of the home and the code it was built to)
  • Property tax: approx. $9,500 (depending on the assessed value of the property)

For the property tax you can use these approximate percentages of the assessed value (Important: The assessed value most of the time is a lot lower than the market value / purchase price:


  • Home at riverfront, assessed value $1,000,000 = approx. 2.25%
  • Home on gulf access canal, assessed value $600,000 = approx. 2%
  • Haus am Frischwasserkanal, assessed value $350,000 = approx. 1.5%
  • Home on dry lot, assessed value $200,000 = approx. 1% - 1.25%


Should you purchase a home or condo within a gated community some of the expenses may be part of the HOA fees like water, TV, lawn and pool service etc.

In general most of the homes in this price segment of $600,000 to $700,000 will have expenses in the amount of $20,000 or more. Smaller homes will have less property taxes and therefore reduced expenses. How a vacation home, even with these high expenses, can still be a good investment you can see here here

*These positions do not necessarily have to be considered in some cases

All listed costs are estimated and can vary due to location, age, size and features of the property