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Monthly cost to own and maintain a house in Cape Coral

Costs of owning and maintaining a house, including property management:

Home related costs are a major factor in the decision making process of a buyer no matter if it is used as the primary residence or a vaction home. In case of a vacation home most buyers want to have it looked after by a professional property management company. Here you can find a list of  typical costs for a house (example of a home valued at $700,000):



Property Management

$ 140.00                   per month


$   90.00                   per month

Lawn Service (Cutting, Edging, Trimming)

$   80.00                   per month

Lawn Service (Fertilizing)*

$   40.00                   per month

Pest Control*

$   40.00                   per month

Electricity (varies)

$ 150.00 - $ 250.00 per month

Water (2 people household)

$   85.00                    per month

Phone, Internet, TV

$ 150.00                   per month

Flood Insurance*

$ 350.00 - $700.00 per year

Annual Property tax

depending on the value, approx. 1.5% to 2.5%

House with gulf access, new construction, assessed value $500,000 = $10,000

Homeowner's Insurance

depending on age, features and condition

(new construction $1,700 - $2,500)


If you buy a home or a condo in a gated community the cost of homeowner insurance, TV, landscaping or pool maintenance will most likely be included in the fees of  the HOA (Homeowner Administration).

*These positions do not necessarily have to be considered in some cases

All listed costs are estimated and can vary due to the location, size and equpiment of the property