Real Estate in Cape Coral, Florida

Markus Hartwich, P.A., Realtor®

GRI (Graduate of Realtor Institute)
ACCRS (Accredited Cape Coral Residential Specialist)
RNCS (Residential New Construction Specialist)


Property Management and Vacation Rentals

Property Management and Vacation Rentals

Many of my clients choose to use their home only a couple weeks or months throughout the year. Therefore you need a trustworthy company which is able to manage and rent your home in your best interest. Our licensed partners have the long-term experience with rental properties and a fully integrated service program. A committed team of specialists stands by to help you maintain the value of your property as well as maximize the profit without sacrificing the service level.


Service Overview Property Management:

Weekly Inspection of the Home (inside):

  • Functional tests of the lighting system, air condition, security system, Water supply and sanitary facilities, windows and doors, visible damages, visible infestation by pests


Weekly Insepction of the home (outside)

  • Check of visible damages, check of pool, screen structure and panels, garden, landscaping and the sprinkler system as well as mailbox-service


Office service

  • Handling of incoming mail, processing and payment of invoices, comprehensive bookkeeping and monthly account statement via email, contracting of repairs after quotes have been presented etc.

Service overview Rentals: 
  • Marketing of your home on internet pages
  • Preparation of rental agreements
  • Preparation of the home for new tenants
  • Check-in and Check-out of tenants
  • Billing of consumptions to tenants
  • Billing and return of security deposit
  • Payment of sales & tourist tax to State and County
  • Coordination and supervision of final cleaning service


Try us - we offer you a professional, efficient and reliable property management. The final goal is to secure a high, long-term profitability for you combined with outstanding care of your tenants.


  • We take the same care of every home - at any time!
  • We give you and your tenants the attention you deserve!
  • We offer preventive maintenance to protect your investment!
  • We will give you reasonable, cost efficient and money saving advice to protect the value of your real estate and  to optimize the degree of capacity!