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Cost buying property Cash

The Cost of buying a property - Cash and Financing


The purchase price of a property plays a big role when you think about buying real estate.

Equally important, however, is to know what the associated costs will be, so your final number will take everything into consideration.

The fees can vary, especially when it comes to financing a single family home. Exact amounts can only be determined if the individual situation is assessed. The numbers stated below are based on a home purchase price of $400,000 an state the typical purchase and financing expenses. 


Cash Purchase Expenses:

  • Title Insurance: paid by seller if not negotiated otherwise
  • Settlement Fee of Title Company: usually less than $200
  • Attorney's Fees: in case you want your attorney to review the offer and/or contract
  • Recording Fees: approx. $20
  • Home Inspection: approx. $350 to $750 depending on the size of the home and the inspections (Termites, Chinese Drywall, Mold etc.)
  • Lot Survey: approx. $450 to $600 (depending on the type of survey, i.e. boundary or building survey)
  • Proration of property taxes: will be prorated accurately down to the day
  • Assessments: This only results in a cost if these are being assumed and possibly paid off at the closing


The total cost of purchasing a property therefore should be less than $1,000 in most of the cases.


Financing Purchase Expenses:

  • Origination fee: approx. $775
  • Appraisal, Elevation Certificate, Credit Report, Recording fees: approx. $500
  • Lender's Title Insurance, Home Inspection, Survey, Attorney fees: approx. $1,100
  • Buyer's Title Insurance: approx. $2,100
  • Translation fees (if needed for a foreign national): approx. $400
  • Homeowner and Flood Insurance: approx. $2,500
  • Fees of Title Company: usually less than $500
  • Doc stamps on mortgage and recording fees: approx. $1,700
  • Proration of property taxes: will be calculated down to the day
  • Assessments: This only results in expenses if they are assumed and paid off at the time of closing


In this example the closing cost are just over $9,000 for the buyer.

All numbers are estimated and can vary from bank to bank