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Termite Inspection

Termite Inspection

In almost all instances buildings have a portion of wood in their structure, be it the roof, the wall studs, door frames, baseboards etc. Humidity in combination with heat is a favourable climate for termites. To find out whether a building has these insects, you need to order a termite inspection. An expert in this field will inspect the structure to see whether there is a present damage or one that was caused in the past by these or other wood destroying organisms (WDO's).

Even if there is no present infestation the inspection will reveal if there is any substantial damage in an area that cannot be checked by an unexperienced person. Any damages should be taken care of before the closing. There are companies that do not only do an inspection for a fee but they also guarantee that in case an infestation takes place within a future period after the inspection they will offer a free treatment and take care of the problem.

A termite inspection starts at $75 and the price is depending on the size of the building.