Real Estate in Cape Coral, Florida

Markus Hartwich, P.A., Realtor®

GRI (Graduate of Realtor Institute)
ACCRS (Accredited Cape Coral Residential Specialist)
RNCS (Residential New Construction Specialist)


Setting the listing price

Determine Listing price of a propertyAs a local expert in real estate, I continuously analyze the market and compile values for homes and lots on a daily basis. The goal of course is to get the highest possible price for you under the current market situation. Critical factors in achieving the best price include not only the design and style of your home but also the outside condition and appearance, called curb appeal.

I will spend time with you walking through the house and recommending how you can stage it for showings and which specific factors can trigger the so called "buying emotions" in buyers. There are a couple things you have to consider when determining the listing price. Setting the price too high will not get us any showings and you will miss out on offers. 


Market value and price offered on marketMoreover, homes that have been listed on the market for a long time do not make a good impression and develop a "smell" - buyers get suspicious!

Setting it too low will obviously not bring you the desired proceeds and you will miss out on the difference to the actual market value you could have gotten for it.

In the process of determining the listing price for your property, the first step is the so called "CMA" or "Comparative Market Analysis".

This CMA compares the suggested listing price to the sales in your neighborhood.


You have to make up your mind before listing a property:


» Do you want to overprice the property and risk marketability?

This means that your property might be on the market for many months before it may be sold - in a declining market this can be a bad decision!


» Do you want to sell your property quickly? 

Then you may have to be ready to sacrifice part of your profit!


» Are you looking for the balance of a quick sale and realizing the best sales price?

This is most likely the best way to go!


After consideration of all market data, features of your property and your personal goal I will recommend you a listing price for your property.