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Markus Hartwich, P.A., Realtor®

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Why your home is not selling

If you have had your home listed for quite some time now and neither have received an offer nor have you seen any real showing activity, the chance is pretty good that one of the following reasons applies:

 Why your home is not selling

The price you want is too high
On one hand this can lead to not getting any activity or offers. On the other hand this might be the main problem why a financing contract falls through - simply because the appraisal does not support the sales price. Considering all relevant factors, it always comes down to one single thing: A property will only sell if the price is comparable to other recent sales in the area!


The condition of your property
Your property needs to hold its ground against others in the marketplace. If it loses compared directly to others you have just lost a potential buyer.


Location, Location, Location
It is and stays the most important factor when it comes to selling real estate. The proximity to schools and shopping, the neighborhood itself, whether it has water access or not  - all this plays an essential role when a buyer chooses a homesite. If you have to compensate for a disadvantage in location, it will eventually and only happen through lowering the price.

Your home is not sellingYour home is not easily accessable
Generally, Realtors are very busy and plan their daily showing tours with clients accordingly - in many cases this tour could comprise 15 homes! To keep it simple for the real estate agent you should not restrict showings through time constraints.

It helps if the agent only has to register the showing but does not have to wait for a confirmation from the seller which can be done through predertmined times that are generally available for a showing. Installing an electronic lockbox simplifies access even more.

If you cannot ensure easy accessiblility and the Realtor has to wait for a confirmation or register at least 24 hours ahead of time or has to meet you to enter the home, this will definitely decrease the chances that he or she will include your house in a tour.