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The New Construction Project - A house built by your ideas

New Construction Cape Coral Phase 1Cape Coral and other surrounding cities continue to offer a rich supply of existing homes. Now the question arises whether one should not think about a newly constructed home for a comparable price?

The Builder

Finding the right home builder for your new construction project who will take care of the project professionally for you is important, especially if you are planning this step from far away or even abroad. Your interests and expectations are in the foreground! We offer you a locally based and experienced builder who will not only offer you a competitive price, but also guarantees an unexpectedly high level of quality and customer service.

New Construction Cape Coral Phase 2

The contractor offers what quality means in our language and is guided by one thing: 100% customer satisfaction. Many customers before you have asked themselves in the beginning, "How can this be done, will the house turn out to be what we wanted?

New Construction Cape Coral Phase 3In the end everyone has discovered that there was nothing to worry about! You will see current pictures of the construction progress on a web page.

In addition, you can designate your own construction supervisor, who works for you independently of the home builder and ensures that everything is implemented according to your wishes and expectations.

Moreover more than 35 inspections are carried out by the city's building department, which provides you with additional safety. Many of our European customers are already satisfied and proud owners of a new home in Cape Coral or the surrounding areas.

New Construction Cape Coral Phase 4

Choose a partner who not only promises before the contract is signed but keeps it afterwards. We do not leave you alone but involve ourselves as far as necessary in the process, e.g. when it comes to closing a flood or home insurance, furnishing the property, preparing it as a rental etc.

As a cash buyer you can start immediately. If you need financing we can help you get that done, too. We have financing institutes at our disposal that are offering all kinds of financing programs but also a "construction perm loan" for foreigners.

Let us know how we can help - with us you have the right partner at your side!