Real Estate in Cape Coral, Florida

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The Cost of Selling a property

sell real estate cost cape coral

The sale price of a property of course plays the biggest role when you think about selling real estate in Cape Coral FL. Equally important is to know what the closing and other sales related costs will be so your final proceeds can be calculated. Here you will find a list of  typical costs and expenses that are deducted from your proceeds.

The fees can vary, depending on what has been negotiated in the contract. Exact amounts can only be determined if the individual transaction is assessed. This can be done by means of a net sheet prepared by the title company. The below stated numbers are based on a sales price of $300,000.


Title Insurance


Settlement Fee of Title Company

between $350 and $600

Attorney's Fees 

in case you involve your attorney to check documents

Recording fees

approx. $20

Doc stamps


Commissions of both brokerages

$18,000 (6% split 50/50 between both brokerages)

Fee Payoff Mortgage

approx. $100

Proration of property taxes

depending on the tax amount and date of purchase

Payoff of Assessments 

depending on what has been negotiated


Selling a property in Florida Costs and Expenses


Tax Return at the end of the year:

Property was owned less than 12 months


Property was owned more than 12 months

capital gains tax between 10% and 35%


capital gains tax max. 15%

In general you can take a max. of 8% of the sales price as the total cost. Please keep in mind that the FIRPTA law dictates a withholding tax of 15% from foreign sellers - the above information is not to be considered tax advice therefore please consult your tax professional to assess your individual situation. All amounts are estimated and can vary.