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A real pleasure!

From the very first moment it was a real pleasure to work with Markus. He is very engaged, highly responsible and reliable. He guided us through the whole process of buying a vaction home in Cape Coral, from the first showing until contract closure and beyond. I can highly recommend Markus. He's the best that could have happened to us and made our dream come true. Thanks Markus

Michael Grund



Service beyond the Standard!

Markus helped us acquire a property in Cape Coral. He was there for us throughout the purchase process and answered all of our questions quickly and competently. His uncomplicated manner creates a trusting atmosphere and ensures that the purchase process runs smoothly. Service beyond the standard, anytime again!

Norman and Ariane Boehe



We appreciate him very much!

Thank you very much for the care and the work of Markus. For us he is the best broker in Cape Coral. We had already bought and sold properties with him and every time he was 110% involved in the transaction. The personal care is great. We have never experienced such care. All questions are answered promptly and when looking for a suitable property, all factors such as location, potential issues with species, price, etc. are examined and discussed. Our last real estate sale, in June 2022, turned out to be very difficult and the buyer's final payment took a long time. Markus was always at our side and did everything humanly possible so that the closing could take place on the last day, when we left. We are very grateful to him for that! We appreciate him very much and will only buy and sell with him in the future. Of course we are happy to recommend him. Best regards,!

Manuela and Meinhard



It doesn't get any better!

I'm thrilled, it couldn't be better! When I was looking for a real estate agent in Cape Coral to buy a property, I came across Markus Hartwich because of the good reviews. After contacting him by email, we talked the very next day about my ideas and what the market actually has to offer at the moment. I felt like I was in good hands right from the start. Markus told me at the beginning that a satisfied customer is his top priority and that's actually the case. He inspected various objects for us, made videos, weighed the pros and cons and pointed out the hidden problems that an object brings with it. "I'm happy to sell, but this isn't your house. I can't recommend it to you," he once said to me and probably saved us from making a big mistake. In the end I bought an object unseen because I absolutely trust Markus' assessment. He managed the process professionally on our side, so everything went smoothly. Markus is absolutely reliable, reacts very quickly to inquiries, which is very important in the current market situation, and knows the market in Cape Coral very well. We are planning another purchase in Cape Coral and 100% again with Markus Hartwich. It just doesn't get any better!!!!

Michael Grund



Very good handling and advice!

Hello Mr. Hartwich, Dear Markus, first of all we would like to thank you very much for the very good advice and handling of our home purchase. You were available at all times, you had a solution for every problem and we always had the feeling that we were working with a competent and experienced broker. We can recommend you 100%. Also human and friendly, it was very pleasant to spend time with you. Warm greetings!

Beate and Sebastian Kreil



Top notch service!

Top notch service and responsiveness. As a Florida newbie, we recently bought a 4 bedroom Villa in Cape Coral. Markus is very technology oriented (e.g. website, portal, communication channels). Markus was always patient in answering our questions, with active valuable suggestions and recommendations on both the process and the villa. We were provided with numerous meaningful pictures and commented video snaps upfront so that we had a very realistic imagination of the villa. Overall he guided us like a professional captain through the sea (or canal?), in which some impediments had to be removed by Markus. So he was also overseeing some repair works which we wanted to be done pre-purchase. On whatever communication channel, all are being used frequently and they worked seamingless. I also would like to emphasise the personal spirit and easy-to-deal with mentality. No stress moments, always pleasant to be in touch. People really make a difference, hence, we would recommend Markus in any respect very highly for your property endeavors in and around Cape Coral!

Joerg Hoermann



Responsive and easy to work with!

Markus was very responsive and easy to work with. He made the entire process seamless and effortless. Thank you Markus!

Tom Fisher



Knowledgeable, competent and efficient!

I've been a real estate broker for over 20 years, so have a good understanding of the business. When looking at the Cape Coral market I was drawn to Markus because of the vast amount of information available on his website for those of us not familiar with the area. Markus is knowledgeable, competent and efficient. I’ve worked with many Realtors over the years and I would recommend him to anyone looking to have a great experience with their real estate transaction.

Bill Vivlamore



The Agent of the Year!

There are many misconceptions about real estate agents. Unfortunately, many of these are legitimate. Completely different with Markus! But one after another.

Prejudice: “Real estate agents only think about their commission.”

Experience with Markus: He probably thinks about it, too. After all, it is his job and he has to support himself and his family. However, his customer does not notice anything. But on the contrary! Example: Markus analyzes the market environment and tells the customer openly what works and what doesn't. He doesn't lift the customer onto cloud #7, but makes sure that both feet stay on the ground. This is how he protects his customers!

Prejudice: "Real estate agents only want a quick profit and urge customers to close deals quickly. They  'ignore' the 'small' deals and only take care of the big 'fish'.”

Experience with Markus: To the contrary! Markus treats his customers all the same! It doesn't matter whether the customer is buying the million-dollar villa or "only" a property for "a few" 10,000 dollars.

Prejudice: "Real estate agents have no idea about the market and promise their customers the 'blue sky'."

Experience with Markus: Markus Hartwich not only “sounds out” the market, he also “analyses” it for his customers. (And at no cost!) He has a wealth of experience and a high level of expertise. Without being asked, he gives advice or - if it is appropriate - expresses concerns. Even if the customer may not want to hear the concerns. As a consequence, however, Markus Hartwich protects the assets and values ​​of his customers. He does this unselfishly because: worst case there is no deal. No deal = no profit for Markus.

Prejudice: "You can't make deals over the phone with a Realtor over tens of thousands of miles away."

Experience with Markus Hartwich: Yes, you can! I didn't know Markus Hartwich before either. I found him on Google. Even his homepage was and is - easily understandable and written in laymen's terms - provided with incredible background knowledge - which I have not seen with any other broker. Markus Hartwich shares his “knowledge of power”. That alone created trust. The advice and information on the phone was also convincing in terms of seriousness and competence. The closing also works digitally and is easy. An experience that leaves you in awe in the digitally developing country of Germany.

In summary: Markus Hartwich is the service provider that a customer should expect and he sees himself as such. He convinces with his high professional and social competence. He protects customers from making wrong decisions and thus protects their values ​​and assets. Markus Hartwich gives each of his customers the feeling of being his "number 1".

This makes him my “agent of the year”. I recommend him unreservedly.

Lars Scheidler


The ideal Partner during a Crisis!

We gave Markus the order in November 2019 to sell our house in Cape Coral with the stipulation that it would not go on the market until the end of March 2020. When discussing the brokerage contract, we already appreciated his professionalism and patience  - after all, Germans living in Germany do not sell real estate in America every day; there is already a lot of educational work - noticed. He went through the contract word for word with us, similar to the sales contract in April and explained to us the details of the peculiarities of the American real estate market. The camera shots he organized and the preparation of the prospectus proved to be highly professional and extremely successful, considering that we received a respectable offer a few days after going on the market and another one the next day. When the sales process moved forward - the buyer had to sell a house in Maryland - and this made us a little nervous, Markus had a calming effect on us, explained the background and always passed our often penetrating questions on to the seller, which needed quite some diplomatic skills. His choice of Wilkinson Title Company as a closing agent greatly helped us, despite the Corona-Virus crisis, and the closing went smoothly. And finally: The purchase price met our expectations.

Markus has been in the Southwest Florida real estate market for over ten years and has completed a large number of transactions during this time. He is the ideal partner not only for German-speaking customers from Europe, but also for Americans and Canadians. His English is as American as only American can be. He is a true professional, knows the real estate market of Cape Coral and Florida inside out, can empathize well with his customers, has a good amount of patience, especially important for foreign nationals who do not know about the legal situations and the local real estate market. Last but not least, he is a very nice and easy-going person who is just fun to buy or sell a property with

Franz and Marita Leitner


He ran up to his best game!

We were looking for a German-speaking Realtor for the sale of our house along with the furnishings and the car, and we were made aware of Mr. Markus Hartwich by the excellent ratings. And to mention: These reviews are absolutely correct! It was unfortunate that we had to list at the beginning of Corona-Virus epidemic, so that many of the originally planned sales measures could not be implemented and creative solutions were needed. And here Markus ran up to his best game. He sees problems as challenges, he never lost his calm, communicated quickly and transparently, worked out creative solutions and brought everything to a very good end by his endless commitment. If you are looking for a very competent Realtor with a high level of commitment for your customers, I can only recommend Mr. Hartwich. Very good market knowledge, an absolute insider when it comes to sales negotiations and contract matters, creative, communicative, helpful and always approachable for his customers.

Fam. Heimbüchel


Absolute Recommendation!

Thank you for the absolutely professional and very nice care that goes beyond the usual level. We were given great advice at all times. Everything was very straightforward. Absolute recommendation.

Marcel Lorenz


Super Professional!

We got to know Markus accidentally when we were out with the canoes and found out that he is a Realtor and told ourselves that if we want to sell one of our properties or buy a new one, we will only do it with him. We have now done that and have been well advised and supported by him in all matters. Every question on our part was answered immediately. It was really super professional. Thanks a lot for this! We can recommend Markus without any ifs and buts.

Peter Stanger


Did a lot more than usual!

Markus did a great job to help me finding my dream property. He patiently assisted me thru my first buying process and did a little more than a usual realtor would do. Many thanks again for that.

Christian Gottselig


A No-Brainer!

We decided to buy a property in Cape Coral. We got the tip from a friend who had been living there for a long time to contact Markus Hartwich. The first contact was very friendly and professional. We communicated our ideas and wishes to him. He then pointed out special and important details when buying a property. And within a week we had our dream property. The next step for the construction of our dream home was then a no-brainer with Markus. Our property has now been completed and we are superhappy.

Peter Johannismaier


Always use him again!

While searching for property in Cape Coral, we came across Markus Hartwich on the Internet. From the first contact to the conclusion of the purchase, we were always in good hands.
We found the appearance to be extremely professional. He supports us with every step, like with the title Company, the tax advisor, the seller and the city. We would also like to emphasize that Markus Hartwich always had time for us immediately. We would always use him again. You have the good feeling that you did everything right

Harald Braun


Simply the best!

Dear Markus, after our two previous projects with you (sale of our old house and purchase of a vacant lot) we went into our third project one year ago with a very good feeling: the new construction of our house with you. As we were used to from the past, everything was completely stress-free. There was no question that was not immediately answered and clarified.
Almost exactly a year ago we came to Cape Coral for one week for the selection of colors, materials etc. As always, everything was very well organized and professionally prepared....and now we are sitting here in our beautiful new house and are still astonished about how perfect everything has turned out. During the eight months of construction, we were provided punctually once a week with pictures and information about the construction progress by you. Therefore we always had the impression to be there and experience it all in real-time and live. We would also like to sincerely thank Matthias and Gabi Bauer and their entire team. Finally, we can only emphasize who decides to work with Markus Hartwich, has the best partner there is!

Thanks again to Markus and everyone involved for everything!

Paul and Margit Grabner

It couldn't have been better!

I actually had no experience whatsoever when it comes to buying or selling real estate in Florida, however with your help it was a piece of cake! Even that I was in Germany - thank you - and especially for answering all my questions immediately and without any delay. It could not have been better! Again thank you very much!

Michael Meyer

Press Release - for immediate Release

Picture showing a Certificate of Excellence for 2019 naming Markus Hartwich

Local Real Estate Professional Brings Home National Honor

Broker★Agent™ Advisor Honors Achievement

Phoenix, Arizona Dec 17, 2019

Now in its 25th year, Broker★Agent™ Advisor celebrates the success and accomplishment of the industry’s finest real estate professionals through it’s exclusive ‘Certificate of Excellence’ Program.

Through proprietary criteria, formulas, and other valuable considerations, MARKUS HARTWICH of GULF GATEWAY REALTY, INC. has been distinguished by Broker★Agent™ Advisor as one of the best in business based on achievement, potential, leadership, ethics, community value, experience, capability, and trust for their service during the calendar year of 2019.

“MARKUS HARTWICH exemplifies the type of professional we designed this award for,” says Chad Golladay, Executive Publisher of Broker★Agent™ Advisor. “A true credit to their company, profession, and community both inside and outside of their real estate practice; one with whom the honor is truly ours in being able to share this award.”

There is no cost or fee required for this award, and all applicant’s credentials are verified, which makes this honor one of the most genuine in the industry towards identifying those truly worthy of special recognition and distinction.

First class service!

As a Brit buying a house in the U.S things are a little daunting to say the least, the process is a lot different to ours in the UK with this in mind I cannot thank Markus enough for his hard work and complete commitment. From the initial search for a property to eventually finding and buying our dream vacation home Markus help and guidance was invaluable, his professional but friendly approach made the process of buying a home in Cape Coral completely stress free. We would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending his services.

Anthony and Brenda Harrop, U.K.

Top-notch service!

Dear Markus,

Many thanks for your outstanding support and top-notch service! You were a perfect choice for selling our property in Cape Coral. The communication was at all times a great pleasure, and your patience in dealing with complex situations and tons of questions was incredible. Although living in Europe, we felt in extremely good hands during all stages of selling the property and will happily recommend you to anyone who is looking for an honest and top-level real estate agent.

Thank you again for your great support and best wishes,

Alain, H. and A.

"CAN-DO" attitude!

My wife and I have just concluded a successful Sale transaction of our former Single family home in Cape Coral. Florida. This transaction was undertaken by Markus Hartwich of Gulf Gateway Realty, Inc. Being non-USA residents the transaction spanned across two continents, a particularly complicated transaction with a good deal of due diligence. Markus and his team completed the transaction in a highly professional and diligent way. Always responding very quickly to correspondence and Always with a positive "can-do" attitude. We completely recommend Markus to anyone considering purchasing or selling their property.

With kindest regards and the very best for the future!

Edward Fraser Prynne and Maria Guzman

Press Release


Picture showing an award for Best Cape Coral Land CompaniesMarkus Hartwich, P.A. Receives Best of Cape Coral Award

Cape Coral Award Program Honors the Achievement

CAPE CORAL November 4, 2015 -- Markus Hartwich, P.A. has been selected for the 2015 Best of Cape Coral Award in the Land Companies category by the Cape Coral Award Program.

Each year, the Cape Coral Award Program identifies companies that we believe have achieved exceptional marketing success in their local community and business category. These are local companies that enhance the positive image of small business through service to their customers and our community. These exceptional companies help make the Cape Coral area a great place to live, work and play.

Various sources of information were gathered and analyzed to choose the winners in each category. The 2015 Cape Coral Award Program focuses on quality, not quantity. Winners are determined based on the information gathered both internally by the Cape Coral Award Program and data provided by third parties.

About Cape Coral Award Program:

The Cape Coral Award Program is an annual awards program honoring the achievements and accomplishments of local businesses throughout the Cape Coral area. Recognition is given to those companies that have shown the ability to use their best practices and implemented programs to generate competitive advantages and long-term value.

The Cape Coral Award Program was established to recognize the best of local businesses in our community. Our organization works exclusively with local business owners, trade groups, professional associations and other business advertising and marketing groups. Our mission is to recognize the small business community's contributions to the U.S. economy.




Dear Markus,

Thank you very much for a job well done. We have bought several properties in the U.S. over the years; and must say that working with you was the best experience so far. You helped us find a vacation property in Cape Coral within days over Christmas 2013. After giving you some specifics about what we were looking for you visited several properties with us; all within the price range defined by us. Once we made our selection you drew up the offer very quickly and professionally, with the result of us now owning our dream property. The seller was a very difficult to work with person. But your experience and professionalism helped us overcome any obstacles and we could close in record time - and this was including financing!

We are looking forward to many vacations in Cape Coral.

Stephan and Stefanie



Markus, just a word of thanks from both Amber and I on the excellent job you did in managing the sale and closing of our home in Cape Coral. What should have been a routine transaction turned into a very complex one with many frustrating components through no fault of yours or ours. Your experience and professionalism were up to the challenge and you were able to get the deal finalized to everyone's satisfaction. We would have no hesitation in using you again or recommending you to any of our friends.

Thanks for a job well done....

Brent and Amber



Dear Markus,

we would like to thank you very much for all the informative phone conversations, emails and in combination with that for the patience and time you devoted to us. Only through your competence, knowledge and quick reaction time we have been able to make the right choice and decision to buy a piece of property in the Cape. At any time we have felt very comfortable and have never questioned any information you gave us in a heartbeat. Even that we "only" bought a vacant lot we never had the feeling that we were not important to you as clients. Because of that we would doubtlessly recommend you any time! „You did a perfect job!!!“

Warmest regards and thank you again

Carsten and Steffi



Since January 2009 we have been investing in Cape Coral. When we started buying real estate we had to find out pretty quickly that you make a lot of mistakes, the biggest one being not choosing the right business partner (Realtor). It is interesting to see that mostly European immigrants are the ones that do not take care of their clients the way that they are supposed to or seem to be tired of working hard and even defraud them. However, also in Paradise to be successful you have to work hard and be honest. Since the beginning of 2012 it has gotten really difficult to get good properties at reasonable prices. The market has changed and become a sellers market, in which owners do not have to wait for buyers anymore. More than that - in order to get the best property you have to be very fast. In this new environment you have to react within hours to submit the right offer at the rigt price. And this is where Markus comes into play showing the highest level of professionalism and reliability. Even with the time difference of 6 hours to Europe Markus is ALWAYS available and reacts as swift as an arrow. Being an investor still living full time abroad a reliable local partner is key. In the last 2 months we have been in touch with Markus on a daily basis and eventually realized absolutely wonderful deals.

We are very proud to be able to say that in the meantime a business relationship became friendship, thank you for everything.

W&A Schaub, Schweiz


Dear Markus,

We would like to thank you for all of the time and hard work you put forth on our behalf. Whether we were searching through house or lot listings, you helped steer us towards the best property for our investment. Even when the situations were less than ideal, you gave matter how long it took to accomplish the goal. We are very pleased to have you as our Realtor Agent. We would highly recommend you to anyone and look forward to working with you again.

Scott and Colleen


Dear Markus,

we would like to thank you so much for supporting us on the journey to our new house! You were always there, no question we had was too much for you, everything was answered quickly, no matter whether it was early, late or on the weekend. We were especially impressed with your comprehensive knowledge about what to look out for when buying a new home and all the details you knew about houses in general. This supported us perfectly during our search for the perfect home. Altogether you got a superprofessional character, you are extremely passionate and  very comfortable to work with. We can and will recommend you as a highly qualified Realtor and would use your services again anytime!!
THANK YOU for everything & all the best 

Silke und Karl

You are THE BEST!

Hi Markus,

we would like to thank you for your time, expertise and patience in selling our home on the Eight Lakes in Cape Coral. Your excellent advice and suggestions along the way made for a smooth transaction and we thank you. We will recommend your service to anyone looking for an A+ real estate agent in Southwest Florida. YOU ARE THE BEST!

Barb and Dave

Striving for Excellence?

Hi Markus,

on your webpage you show your slogan: "Striving for Excellence". According to our and Wikipedia's opinion "perfection means the highest level or stage of something that is so good that nothing of the kind could be better or more refined". We had a dream of a second home abroad that for most people seems to be too risky ann therefore will never be executed. We also we very anxious to make this step up to the point in time when we had decided to put you in charge to understand our wishes and fulfil our dream. From the first minute on you have given us a feeling of security, trust and competence which has taken away the uncertainty completely. The passion, with which you do your job and deal with people is unseen. Every single email, every question, every idea and wish we had you took care of immediately and supported us with your know-how. It is not a matter of course to help people that you have never seen before and to be that honest as you were it. We came as "foreigners" and left as "friends"! Without you we would have never experienced the pruchase of our home so comfortable and joyous. We could not have chosen a better Realtor than you, even that Lehigh Acres does not count to your focus areas. You never avoided travel or time to make it right for us.

We want to sincerely thank you for everything you did and will recommend you anytime - to anyone, who has the same dream like us. This indeed was true perfection of a Realtor!

Marina and Olli


Thank you so much for EVERYTHING!

Hi Markus, you have done FANTASTIC work. You have done much more than you promised. You were the all-in-one-take-care-of-everything-package for us and we hope that we can utilize your advice and knowledge in the future as well. No matter what - we will definitely recommend you to anyone looking to buy real estate in Southwest Florida!

Thomas and Ute Richter

Outstanding Performance!

Extremely helpful, patient and passionate! As more challenging it gets, as more professional the work – no rest until the job is done 100%. Thank you very much for all your support, Markus. We LOVE our new home in Cape Coral!

Beate and Mathias


A good Realtor's work means to invest a lot of time and be patient. This is what you have shown us in perfection and for that we would like to thank you so much. Firstly of course for the successful transaction with a foreclosure home, secondly  for the continuous efforts and explanations regarding advantages and disadvantages of certain properties. You have proven a lot of patience and reaction times that cannot be any less - always superquick and very friendly. Through your steady care and all the information you gave us the closing went smooth although we were not there in person. Now we are looking forward to see our property the first time. We are absolutely sure to have done the right thing and even more sure: This was not the last time we have worked with you. We will most definitely recommend you and your company to all people that are looking to buy real estate in Southwest Florida.

Again thank you very much for all your efforts!

with best regards, Beatrix and Uwe Schnieders from Germany

Absolutely the BEST!

All we can tell about the person and Realtor Markus Hartwich is that "He is the BEST!". Starting with the first contact he convinced us that we are in best hands with him. This impression was exceeded every time we communicated with him be it via email or phone, however after our first personal meeting in Cape Coral we knew that we will find our dream home with him. His extraordinary service and engagement was outstanding in all aspects. What we can highlight in particular is his friendly and professional manner. We felt being taken care of at all times and he has supported us with his huge market knowledge and experience. According to us there is no better Realtor in Cape Coral than Markus and we can highly recommend him to any prospect who is looking for their dream home. We have found ours - thanks to his help!

Thank you very much for everything and warmest regards: Klaus, Elke, Nico and Lisa Märkle

Herewith we would like to thank you so much for your expert advice. From the beginning we have placed a lot of trust in you and have never been disappointed. With your honest character you have helped us in many ways - competency, reliability and the readiness for action are your trademark. Together with you we have found our place in Paradise and want to receommend you to any other buyer who is looking for a professional and honest agent.

Thank you so much for everything, The Lerch's from Germany

...It's just like Paradise....

We have found our dream home and Markus made it possible! He has spent a tremendous amount of time, is very helpful and informed us about every aspect of purchasing real estate in Cape Coral. He is very discerning and lead us onto the right path for buying our new home. You can always rely on his advice and always count on him if there are any questions or issues. He really works hard, pursues the interest of the buyer and always tries to get the maximum out of every situation. His performance and efforts go well beyond what you could expect from a Realtor and he is there for you any time of the day.

We can highly recommend Markus to any buyer. He has the gut instinct to always make the right decision, however also has the toughness that is needed in negotiations. He escorts you all the way through the jungle of contracts and the transaction itself - this is how buying a home is FUN without complications!

Thank you so much for everything, without you we would have never found this dream home.

Warmest regards from Janine and Daniel Remund, Switzerland

...Best Realtor in Cape Coral....

We know what we are talking about - at the beginning we had a real estate agent, who we worked together with for about 5 months. Unfortunately he did not listen to what we wanted and he always wated to sell us a home instead of honoring our wish of building our own house. He was probably trying to get the quick money out of the sale of an existing home. So we approached a local home builder. As our knowledge of English was pretty restricted the homebuilder suggested to have Markus help us in this situation. He contacted us rightaway and from then on things just started moving ahead. Within 3 weeks we reached so much more than in the 5 months before. He was there for us anytime, helped us to get one of the rare construction loans and also with the purchase of the land. He really went the extra mile as he assisted and supported us in way more things than his business relates to. He really represents the interests of the buyer ! No matter how intensive it got during the transaction he always finished it to our fullest satisfaction. Especially when buying the vacant lot we experienced this. We almost did not agree to the low amount of the offer he suggested as we kind of felt bad. However, with this negotiation tactics we made it and got a great deal ! Communication via email was so easy and responses came back in mintues. We can highly recommend Markus to anyone looking for a reliable and professional Realtor. Especially for Europeans and german speaking customers there is no better Realtor out there !

Thank you so much again for everything, Clients from Switzerland

".....we can not often enough say thank you for the outstanding work during the last couple of weeks!

Although we got to know you only by phone and email you have more than once impressed us with your dedication and commitment. Your very kind personality but also your professionality and honesty made us trust you right from the beginning. At any time we could rely on you 100%, you were ALWAYS there for us, answered all our questions and supported us if there were uncertainties. Through the whole transaction you were always proactive in letting us know what needs to be done next and guided us perfectly.

Only through your unfatiguing service we are now proud owners of a beautiful lot in Cape Coral. Thank you once more for this great experience. We will definintely recommend you to anyone wanting to buy real estate. GREAT JOB !"

with best regards from Germany, Cornelia Sawetzki und Andreas Nuske

"You are by far the best of many realtors I have ever worked with. You were absolutely patient, did not push all the time and went beyond your tasks numerous times. Furthermore, I appreciate your honesty and your sensitivity and would recommend you to anyone." Thanks a lot."

Marcia Robbins

"You are a good listener and you paid really good attention to our needs. You always kept in touch with us throughout the transaction and even after it you supported us with issues with the sellers. You do not hesitate when it is time to act and you make your position clear so that we know what we need to do in order to be successful. Thanks for a wonderful experience".

Paul and Alicia

"You are ALL that a customer needs! Lots of patience, aggressive when it is needed! You were really great at helping us find what we were looking for! We love the house! Thank you for taking us step by step and especially for going the extra mile! You promised to make the purchase of the home less stressful - you overachieved it!. Our situation was not easy due to the fact that we were 4,000 miles apart, but you just made it happen. Thank you so much!"

Joshua, Mary, Robert and Timothy

"Friendly, courteous & professional. Very responsive to questions and concerns. Absolutely great work. Thanks for all your help!"

David and Stephanie