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New Construction of a vacation home in Cape Coral 2018 in pictures

Picture of the lot survey and construction of a seawall

For the new home in Cape Coral you start with the survey of the lot and construction of the Seawall

Picture of the completed seawall and the preparation of the building site for the construction of the home

The construction of the Seawall is completed and preparations are made for the new construction, the dirt screen is put up

Picture of 3D floor plan renderings in different angles of the planned home

For the new home the customer chose the layout and floor plan of the model Royal Palm 2

Picture of the architectural plans and construction blueprints for the building permits

For the Cape Coral new construction the drawings and blueprints for the contract and building permits are being prepared

Picture showing the client at a color selection session and the finished foundation of the home

Now the color selection is coming up. After the contract has been signed and the building permit granted, the foundation is going in and the walls up. You can clearly see the steel reinforcements, which are connected in the solid walls all the way up to the tie beam to be a stable base. What you can not see is the foundation in which the steel reinforcements have their starting point.

Picture of the poured pool shell and the fill dirt for the house pad as well as the plumbing under the floor slab

For the new building the pool shell is prepared and poured which also carries a lot of steel in it. At the same time there will be a first filling of dirt for the house Pad and the plumbing under the floor slab will be laid.

Picture of the finished walls and the tie beam

Now the walls are going up and the tie beam is added

Picture of the finished walls and tie beam in the back of the house

The tie beam is installed by the Cape Coral homebuilder and through the steel reinforcements (rebar) all the way down into the foundation forms a solid shell of the house

Picture of the preaparations for the addition of the roof

Picture of the finished roof and the studs as inside walls

We continue with the roof and the stud inside walls - the wooden studs are much stronger than the optional aluminum profiles

Picture of the installed roof

The roof is ready, as well as the walls inside

Picture of the installed windows, entrance door and slider tracks

The windows and the entrance door are installed

Picture of the front view showing the installed roof felt

On the new home in Cape Coral, the roofing felt is now installed

Picture of the installed manabloc system, air conditioning ductwork and plumbing pipes and lines

Inside we continue with the installation of the air conditioning and plumbing. The Manabloc system shown here distributes the water in a star system - each water connection (hot and cold) is laid separately and can therefore be easily shut off

Picture of the installed culvert as well as the pool and spa pipes

In the driveway ​​the Culvert is laid (flood water pipe) and in the back pool pipes are installed - total length up to 1,500 ft!

Picture of the installed electric in the house

In the house the electrical system is now installed

Picture of the pool deck backfilled and graded and the injection nozzles installed for the Taexx pest control system

After laying the pool pipes, the pool deck area is backfilled and graded as well as is the front of the building. At the same time, the TAEXX anti-pest-system is installed, which is directly connected to very thin tubes running through the inside of the walls. Through the feeder outside the house the service company can refill the spray. Immediately thereafter, the "Bora Care" is done which you see green on the walls. An additional protection that prevents bugs from rising up. By the way, we're doing that in an environmentally friendly way, while other contractors prefer the cheaper alternative of treating the top layer of the property with pesticides.

Picture of the installation of the insulation in the ceiling area of the living room

The installation of the insulation is in full swing

Picture of the installed insulation, low voltage wiring and the preparation for the electric hurricane kevlar screens

Now the system in the roof overhang for the automated hurricane kevlar screens is installed. Inside, the last cables are pulled for broadband Internet, TV, telephone etc.

Picture of the drywall being installed in the house

The walls of the vacation villa are now closed with drywall

Picture of the smearing of the drywall board joints

The last screws for the drywall boards are set, then the smearing of the board joints is done

Picture of the installed drywall ready for the first coat of paint

The drywall boards are prepared for the first coat of paint

Picture of the finished exterior stucco

The new construction home in Cape Coral now gets its exterior stucco

Picture of the installed aluminum rails on the roof for the roof tiles

The exterior stucco is finished and the aluminum rails on the roof for the roof tiles are installed

Picture of the painted garage and installed facia

The garage has already been painted and the facia is now installed.

Picture of the painted exterior of the home

After the exterior paint one sees already a little better, how the future Cape Coral vacation home will look later

Picture of floor tiles being installed in the living room

The tile installer has already laid the tiles in the living room

Picture of the installed floor tiles in other rooms as well as the wall tiles in showers

The floor tiles in the other rooms as well as the wall tiles in the showers are installed

Picture of the roof tiles being installed

Meanwhile, the roof tiles are going up. Flat roof tiles were chosen for the modern style.

Picture of the installed waterline tiles at the pool and spa

In the pool area, the waterline tiles are installed. These tiles are for decoration and are located directly at the future waterline of the pool and hot tub

Picture of the installed floor and hanging cabinets in kitchen and laundry

The floor and hanging cabinets were delivered and installed by the home builder

Picture of the finished kitchen cabinet installation

The wall cabinets have reached their final destination in the kitchen of the future Cape Coral vacation rental

Picture of the installed cabinets in the bathrooms

Even in the bathrooms the cabinets are already installed and the new villa gets tiles in the shower

Picture showing the installed garage doors and garage door motors as well as the ladder to the attic area

The garage doors and the motors are installed as well as the ladder in the roof area. The painter continues inside

Picture of the installed roof tiles and the painted exterior

The roof is installed

Picture showing the shower tiles grouted and the ceiling moldings installed

The modern ceiling moldings surrounding the coffered ceilings (with background light) are installed and the showers are tiled and grouted

Picture showing the final grading in the front of the house

The exterior of the new house in Cape Coral - the final dirt fill and grading is done

Picture of the installed soffits and air conditioning system located in the equipment niche under roof

The soffits are now attached and the air conditioning system is installed on the platform under roof

Picture of the installation of the wood floors

Now that the new building is cooled down and the humid air has been pulled out, the wooden floors can be installed in the bedrooms and closets

Picture of the installed 6 panel sliding door in the living room area

Of course all the sliding doors have been installed and adjusted shortly before the air conditioning system came in

Picture showing the installation of the installed ceiling fans and lamps

Fans and lamps for walls and ceilings will now be installed

Picture of the installed pavers in the driveway as well as the walkways

Outside a lot happened. The gutters were installed and the driveway was laid with pavers. Next is the walkway to the entrance and the walkway at the house side which leads to the pool so the front bedroom has direct access to the pool

Picture of the installed water heater in the garage and the finished pavers on the lanai

While in the garage the water heater starts working, the pavers are placed on the lanai and the pool deck

Picture of the installed pavers at the pool deck including the bullnose

The installation of the pavers is almost finished

Picture of the installed piling and decking of the new boat dock

Now that all heavy site work is done in the back of the property, we have given the starting signal for the new construction of the boat dock. More information is available here

Picture of the installed captains walk and tiki hut

Together with the boat dock there is a "Captains Walk" and seating area plus a Tiki hut installed

Picture of the installed granite countertops, power receptacles and faucet in the kitchen

The granite is placed on the cabinet surfaces and faucet holes drilled

Picture of the installed tiles on the backsplash wall in the kitchen

Now the kitchen of the new Cape Coral home is almost ready

Picture of the installed toilets, cabinets and countertops in the bathrooms

Also in the bathrooms the granite is installed as well as toilet and sinks. Faucets and the glass wall complete the master shower

Picture of the installed pool pebble, curbing around the house and the downspouts

While in the planting areas the curbing is comleted, outside lights and downspouts are attached to the house wall. At the same time, the pool pebble is being shot into the pool shell and immediately after the water is filled in for the required pressure

Picture of the installed outside masonry kitchen, boat dock and lift as well as the lift motor

The finished boat dock and lift has a remote control for comfortable operation of the motors from the house or boat. The outside kitchen requested by the customer is installed with sink, granite surface and an opening for a refrigerator

Picture of the finished home with installed Irrigation system and sod as well as landscaping

Now that the electrician has completed all the remaining work inside, mirrors etc. go in. The sprinkler pipes for the irrigation system at the Cape Coral Villa are placed underground and then the sod is put down. The plants and the remaining landscaping is finished. Last step is the panoramic screen around the pool deck.

Picture of the equipment niche under roof with the pool pump, pool heater, filter and pool control system

Finally pool heater, pool filter, saltwater cell, automatic and the remote-controlled pool system and timer for the sprinkler control of the lawn are installed. This concludes the build and the house is being furnished and decorated and then turned over into the rental progam.


After handing over the rental villa the customer has left the following review and is always happy to serve as a reference for interested parties (as all our customers do!):

"We had always wanted a vacation home in Florida, so the first contact with Markus Hartwich happened via e-mail and during our next holiday stay he showed us some of the existing homes in Cape Coral, but these did not quite live up to our expectations.

Thanks to Markus Hartwich, we had the courage to build our own house and with his help we got introduced to the right local people and with much patience and time they answered all the questions about new construction in Cape Coral Florida. Before, during and after the construction phase, Markus was always available to us and informed us regularly about the progress of the construction site with news and photos and kept us up to date on what is happening right now. From Switzerland it is possible to build a house in the USA with the best of our knowledge and conscience.

We could rely on someone there who did his utmost. Everything ran smoothly and on schedule. Thanks to Markus and his team we were able to move into our house on schedule this year. We thank Markus very much for him being so committed and he always took the time whenever we had questions. The handling was always friendly, uncomplicated, relaxed and yet professional. Thank you to everyone involved in helping us realize our dream of having a vacation home in Florida."


We are your reliable and professional new construction team for a new home in Cape Coral!