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Your Realtor in Cape Coral Florida

 Markus Hartwich is the best full-service Real estate agent in Southwest Florida

Picture of Cape Coral Florida from the air showing all its canals and homesFlorida is one of the fastest growing states in the U.S.A. As an internationally popular holiday destination, you will find a variety of Englishmen, Germans as well as North Americans and Canadians who want to relax in the gorgeous vacation homes and villas in Southwest Florida. The North American retirees ("snowbirds") sometimes spend several months over the winter in rented properties owned by Americans, Canadians or internationals.

The excellent temperatures are on the wish list of many tourists and ensure a constant stream of holiday guests. Particularly attractive is the purchase of a property as a holiday home in Cape Coral. The growth-oriented region has been in the top 10 fastest-growing cities for years and, as just a 60-year-old development, is a real success for the former dreamers of the project. Here you get the most attractive houses in fantastic locations at the best quality and for the best value. For internationals and above all European customers, Florida real estate / the purchase of a Florida property is an excellent investment.

Also, buying a house in Florida has been a long dream of ​​many sunbathers who learned to love the Sunshine Paradise. Although prices plunged by an average of 50-60% between 2006 and 2009 and thousands of short sale and foreclosure properties lined the streets, the boom years for real estate in Cape Coral and Florida are now more than evident.


Picture of Cape Coral Florida from the air showing the southern areas at the river

Choosing the right Realtor

To buy a house in Cape Coral you should have the right Realtor. The central database of all properties in a region can be viewed by any licensed real estage agent. The so-called MLS (Multiple Listing Service) gives a complete overview of all properties for sale and is "real-time" in contrast to websites like Trulia or Zillow. So if you want to search in the front row you should have this system set up by me.

This is the only way to ensure that you see the right properties immediately when they come on the market. My job as your Realtor in Cape Coral Florida is to give you a detailed analysis of the real estate market in Cape Coral in terms of price, location, market value and appreciation potential. For almost all foreign buyers it is also important to see how well a house in Cape Coral could perform in a rental program. Thus, it is important that you make no compromises when choosing your Realtor in Cape Coral. Experience and market knowledge combined with reliability and professionalism should be the characteristics of the person with whom you buy your home in Florida.

There are many existing properties in the current market, but these do not always meet the customer's price-performance requirements. Especially if you are looking for houses it quickly becomes clear that the competition is quite large for prospective buyers and the good properties quickly sell. Therefore more and more investors are orienting themselves towards new construction.

Especially when you have a future home construction on your mind you should act on the lot purchase quickly as prices are rising continuously. The good locations in Cape Coral and Fort Myers are hard to get. With the new construction of a villa, you invest in the modern architectural style without compromising on location or features - with the most up-to-date building codes and a guarantee from the home builder you make a good decision. I can take over the coordination of the entire new construction project. I will guide you through the process of lot acquisition, planning of the new home, the entire building process and finally the successful transfer of your new home.

Moreover we can also assist with the furnishing and decoration as well as and the handover into a management and rental program. Buying a house in Florida is a profitable investment - especially in Cape Coral. Buying waterfront land to hold as an investment is also a great option. All you do is pay your property tax once a year and be done. There is no regulation for when you have to build on a vacant lot. So make sure you have an experienced real estate agent by your side!


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