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New Construction in Cape Coral | Build a home in Florida

Picture showing the Construction of a home in the rough stage with the roof onMany vacationers and visitors may have already started thinking about buying a house in Cape Coral or surrounding areas and possibly also had showings. Many times, however you realize pretty quickly that a lot of these homes for sale are not considerably less expensive than building a new home and you always have to deal with compromises like the location or home features. So now, let's take it one step further to really dive into all the details that you need to know when you want start your new construction project.

No matter where you come from, which region within the U.S. or from abroad, to build a house in Florida may be a lot different than in your area where you know all the codes, regulations and laws. You may not know what you have to look out for, may not know the right builder, may not have the ability to control or visit the construction site a lot because of time and travel constraints. So it takes a little courage to move forward with a new construction project - or maybe not? Our partnership Picture showing the Construction of a home in the rough stage with the rooftiles on and painted outsidein a network of professionals guarantees you can work with experienced, honest and reliable companies and individuals from the start to the end and always be in the center……actually there is no end as we always foster our customer relationship to become a longtime relationship in which you can always count on us.

Assisting You - all along the way!

From the first consultation with Realtor Markus Hartwich who has been specializing in Cape Coral new construction homes for many years and has accompanied dozens of projects (and during this first meeting you will receive a lot more information than others will ever give you) you will understand that we ilve our passion for this business. Starting with the purchase of the vacant lot, the assistance with the build of a seawall, the planning of the new house (including a potential financing), help with the preparation of all papers and processes, receiving quotes for necessary insurances, the color session/selection, the detailed information about the progress of the construction site with pictures and videos up to the point of the finished project, furnishing the home, help with constructing a boat dock and transfer of the property into a management and rental program. Picture showing the finished Construction of a new home with the landscaping inWe help you to make your dream come true - in a very familiar atmosphere with professional partners who have worked together for many years and want to make sure that your experience of building your new home is nothing short of amazing. Realtor, home builder, seawall and boat dock contractor, the color selection team, the title company as well as the rental agency take their role very serious and every gear works together as a well oiled machine.

The biggest difference with us is that passion plays the main role in our everyday business. Ultimately, we want to add you to the list of highly satisfied customers who will serve as a reference and report about your great experience with us and your new construction Cape Coral FL project.


Let us surprise you!

You will find out that building a home with us could be the smartest decision you have ever made!